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rechargeable hearing aids

Benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

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In this month’s blog, MAE Audiological Services is focusing on the benefits of rechargeable hearing aids. If you use a hearing aid daily, you are aware of the significance of batteries for your hearing aids. You also know the dread of your hearing aid dying in a social setting. You might be unsure if you have batteries on hand. With a rechargeable hearing aid you do not need to worry about running out to the store for batteries. Instead, just simply charge your hearing aid while you sleep, and be good to go all day.


Rechargeable Hearing Aid Benefits

The benefits listed below demonstrate why some choose for rechargeable hearing aids.

Less Difficult For People with Weak Fingers

Batteries for traditional hearing aids are tiny, awkward to handle, and simple to misplace. Many people who have hearing loss also have arthritic fingers or dexterity problems. Due to this, it may be challenging to open the hearing aid battery chambers and change batteries when needed.

Simple Quick and Easy Charging

Many patients we talk to say they love the simplicity of not needing to worry about when a battery will die. They like that they can just place their rechargeable hearing aids on their charging station each night. Then in the morning they have a charge that lasts all day long.

Safer Option Around Kids and Animals

For curious kids and pets who could find disposable hearing aid batteries lying around, it poses a safety concern. When ingested, disposable hearing aid batteries are toxic. Additionally, they pose a choking risk. A rechargeable hearing aid, however, lacks these tiny components. They are therefore a safer alternative when dealing with kids and animals.

Longer Battery Life and Quicker Charging

The rapid charging times of the newest lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are typically between three and four hours. With each new hearing aid, their charges last longer and longer after a charge. The majority of hearing aid manufacturers also offer a warranty on the batteries in their rechargeable aids. They cover replacement or repair in the event of a problem within a specific timeframe.

Less Harmful Waste

Even though disposable hearing aid batteries are tiny, the compounds they contain are bad for the environment. Rechargeable hearing aids are a much more environmentally responsible choice than perpetually purchasing and discarding hazardous “button” batteries.



To see about upgrading your hearing aids, call MAE Audiological Services at (724) 527–2228 or email us. If you are also experiencing hearing loss, but don’t yet have a hearing aid, schedule a hearing test today. We are happy to discuss more about the benefits of rechargeable hearing aids.