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Audiological Services Near Irwin, PA

MAE Audiological Services Inc. works with each individual to provide individualized audiological services near Irwin, PA. The trained audiologists evaluate your hearing in the office. Our doctors work with you to discover the best solutions for you. MAE Audiological Services Inc is happy to give our patients attention with our hearing tests, hearing aids and hearing accessories.

Monica Ereditario, M.S. CCC-A received her bachelor’s degree from West Virginia University. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology and Audiology as well as a Master of Science in Audiology. In 1994, Monica founded MAE Audiological Services Inc. She has worked in private practice and as an audiologist in ear, nose, and throat offices for many years. To book an appointment for a hearing test or hearing aid, please call (724) 527-2228 or contact us online.

Our Office Provides Hearing Aids Available Near Irwin, PA

Depending on the outcomes of your exams, you will be presented with a variety of hearing aid choices. Our office will assist you in picking the best hearing aid system based on your preferences, lifestyle, and budget. Hearing aid technology and circuitry developments are constantly enhancing the devices our office has. Make a hearing aid evaluation appointment near your Irwin, PA home.

Choose Hearing Tests For Irwin, PA Residents

When you visit MAE Audiological Service near Irwin, PA, we will discuss your hearing, lifestyle, and general health. This information aids in the development of the most appropriate hearing advice for each individual. The audiologists at MAE Audiological Service take time discussing the results of the hearing tests.

Hearing Products and Hearing Accessories Available In Irwin, PA

The hearing industry continues to create devices that allow hearing aids to connect to various communication devices. This is because people nowadays want to stay connected. The majority of smartphones today have the ability to control hearing aids. Direct broadcasting to hearing aids is also possible via Bluetooth connections. Upgrade your hearing aids with remote controls, remote microphones, and devices that stream sounds from televisions or other audio equipment.

Beside hearing aids, other hearing health and ear-related goods are available from MAE Audiological Services. Our office near Irwin, PA sells custom and over-the-counter earplugs for noise and water. You can also purchase custom earpieces for cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, and other listening/communication devices.

MAE Audiological Services Inc. works with each individual to provide individualized audiological services near Irwin, PA.