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MAE Audiological Services Inc. is the trusted provider for hearing aid products in Jeannette, PA. Monica strives to offer only the best products and services for her clients. Our practice has the experience and knowledge you can trust to help you find the right hearing aid that fits your lifestyle and budget. We are compassionate and concerned about your hearing health. After you leave MAE Audiological Services, you will have a hearing instrument that will help you to enjoy your life and all the sounds in it. For more information about the hearing aid products and brands we work with, contact MAE Audiological Services at (724) 527-2228.

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Hearing Aids From Trusted Brands

Our practice proudly offers hearing devices from multiple hearing aid manufacturers. This allows us to make recommendations tailored to your individual needs.

Starkey offers the Halo. This is made for an iPhone hearing device. The new Muse IQ products include a complete line of innovative hearing aids. These range from completely in the canal to traditional behind the ear hearing aids.

Enjoy High Quality Hearing Aids That Are Discreet

Signia and Rexton products include the enhanced feature of own voice processing. They also offer the smallest receiver in the canal hearing aid available. Many are compatible with smart phone apps.

Resound includes a complete line of hearing aids. These include integrated wireless connectivity across the entire product range. The app allows you to stream audio, personalize your sound and control your hearing aids.

Rexton Hearing Aid Model Available From MAE Audiological Services:  

Behind the Ear (BTE):

  • Power BTE
  • High Power BTE
  • Free BTE
  • Open BTE
  • Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC)

In the Ear (ITE) or Custom:

  • Full Shell
  • Half Shell
  • Canal
  • Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC)
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MAE Audiological Services Inc. is the trusted provider for hearing aid products in Jeannette, PA.