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Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids

Skip Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids

MAE Audiological Services Offers Individual Hearing Assistant Devices

While it may seem like a convenient solution to hearing loss, there are reasons to skip over-the-counter hearing aids. Consult a qualified audiologist as hearing loss is a complicated issue. Nearly 25 percent of Americans aged 65 to 74 have hearing loss that’s severe enough to interfere with everyday activities. That percentage rises to 50 percent for those over 75. You may have considered purchasing an over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aid rather than a device recommended by an audiologist.

But you should be aware that over-the-counter (OTC) gadgets frequently differ, and have certain inherent problems and dangers. With little FDA regulation, they do not need to adhere to the same safety and quality as prescribed hearing aids. Of course, we recommend scheduling a professional hearing test to determine the best prescribed way to correct your hearing problem.


OTC Hearing Aids Are Unsuitable for Serious Hearing Loss

There are various degrees of corresponding hearing loss: severe, moderate, and mild. Your audiologist has the proper hearing aid for each class. Most over-the-counter hearing aids only advertise for mild hearing loss. If you buy one believing you’re getting a good price, quality could be subpar and unusable. Furthermore, many OTC devices lack the volume control of those recommended by audiologists. Automatic volume settings keep sound at a level perfect for your hearing. With OTC hearing aids, a common mistake is just keeping the volume constantly up. In fact, you could end up harming your hearing much more.


A Short-Term Answer to a Long-Term Problem

Treatment for hearing loss lasts the rest of one’s life. Your hearing will alter throughout time, and having a visit with an audiologist will treat any problems as they arise. Unfortunately, over-the-counter hearing aids only offer a temporary fix to chronic medical issues.

Wearing an OTC device isn’t proactive therapy; rather, it is more like applying tape to a hole in your tire. While it may seem like it solved the problem, a blowout could happen at any time, causing more damage eventually.  Although there will be some momentary alleviation, the issues still exist. By going to our audiologist right away, you can avoid wasting time, money, and having a bad experience. Having a custom hearing aid allows for a specific solution to your hearing problem. It does not just act as an amplifier, which can make the problem worse overtime.


No One Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Solution Fits Everybody

The nature of hearing loss is extremely individualized. There is no one hearing remedy that works for all people with hearing loss because each person’s issues are unique. Instead, a qualified audiologist must provide proactive and continuous medical care. Based on your unique needs and the findings of your individual hearing testing, our audiologist will design your therapies. Our audiologist will also suggest an appropriate hearing aid that could fit you. Also with specialized care, there is our assurance that the hearing aid will fit into your ear. It will also work for your specific hearing loss, and we can adjust as needed.


Save Money with Insurance Coverage

No one is stopping you from purchasing an OTC hearing aid. But it would be best if you considered booking an appointment with an audiologist from MAE Audiological Services before deciding. Our audiologist will perform the necessary tests, and recommend further treatments. You can also save money by having insurance pay for your prescribed hearing aid. Insurance doesn’t cover over-the-counter hearing aids. OTC hearing aids also have shorter warranties, leaving you to pay more with each replacement.



For more information on hearing aids, give MAE Audiological Services a call at (724) 527–2228. We are happy to discuss more about why you should skip over-the-counter hearing aids.